Academy of Friends

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Creative direction for this non-profit AIDS fundraising organization that hosts the largest Academy Awards night party outside of LA. A new visual theme is created each year, and is applied to print invitations and ads, outdoor campaigns, and merchandise. I sat on the Board of Directors for 5 years as their graphics chair.

2016 theme
2017 theme
Print and digital outdoor media buys

William stepped in under a bit of pressure as Academy of Friends had been let down in their search for a brilliant visual designer and engagement thereof. The organization was lucky to find him, and his sensitivity to unique culture and message proved to be even more than perfect for both the organization and the annual Oscar event for which he was entrusted to create the branding and public-facing imagery. He did a spectacular job in creating a presence that was of the moment while preserving a sense of legacy. You should hire this guy: he possesses an adventurous sense of design and is a man of exceptional integrity.

Kile Ozier

Founder, Academy of Friends